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What Do You Care About?

The Power of CARE is one of my favorite quality improvement themes that I have created. It came about from a need to present an inspiring presentation to my staff when I was a Head Start Director. It's been more than a decade since that All-Staff meeting, and I've used the framework to educate audiences on a variety of topics.

I had a blog based on it for a period of time, and in addition to writing articles about the things I cared about, I interviewed people about the topics and causes they cared about.

I'd like to do that again.

I'm working on a new website that will be a companion to my Owens Burton Consulting website ( will showcase all of my creative pursuits....all the things I care about.

The site will be divided into several sections, including blog articles, podcasts and a forum for others to discuss their creative pursuits as well.

I'm seeking guests to interview for my podcasts. This is one of my calls for pitches.

Are you passionate about a particular activity, profession or cause? Are you a great story teller? Do you want a chance to share what you care about with the world? Then I hope you will pitch me your story and perhaps we can record a conversation about it and share it.

I hope you will share this call for pitches with your network of friends and colleagues.

Thank you.



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