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About Nadine Owens Burton


Over the years, I've had the honor and privilege to meet some great people as I provided them with workshops and keynotes. Here is just a sample of the positive things clients and event attendees have said through evaluations and follow up letters. 

​Nadine was VERY ENGAGING, always asked for input and was the first presenter I have had in 40 years that didn't make me nod off.

Melissa Henry



I really enjoyed the overall presentation & will highly recommend. [I] especially liked the 3rd day. More personal and interpersonal relationship based.

Tracy Gartman



Thank you so much! I thought I learned a lot of useful information last year, but you help me to keep learning!

Mattea Brightman


This was a highly engaging presentation. Your energy, expertise & real world examples (HS) make the concepts relatable and more easily understood.

Program Governance Workshop Attendee



Sometimes the subject of program governance and performance standards can be dry & boring, but you helped bring them to life.

Sharon Hipkins



This was the best seminar I have attended in the eight years that I have worked for Head Start.

Geraldine Hughes



Start a retreat & please invite me.

Sabrina Fleming



She was great! Positive - up beat – great ideas for positive customer service.

Elizabeth Jones


This was my 2nd time receiving this training & the relevance and the value continues to be high.

Ronda Cox



Refreshing hearing a presenter that explains the topics in detail, with examples and some personal experience. I love her slogan..."Questions, concerns...comments!"

Dawn Dudley Hammonton

New Jersey

The speaker [Nadine] shared very useful, informative information. I am so glad that I decided to attend.  Now I am even more encouraged to "Make the difference."

Sherry Burroughs-Glover



This seminar was very informative. I will be able to apply the information in all areas/aspects of my daily living. Thank you.

Wanda Wilson


Fabulous trainer. You chose the right path.

Jill Storey


Thank you for such an enjoyable experience! I was not looking forward to a Saturday training, but you made me glad I was here.

Phoebe Rust



Very motivational and relates to the work we do everyday.

Juanita Lazo



Please, please, please produce and sell audio tapes. Keep going — you are wonderful. I would travel to be a part of another seminar.

Debbie Zimmerman



Nadine came and spoke to the Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Delaware. She spoke about The Power of CARE which involves choices, attitude, relationships and effort when starting a business. Her speech was extremely motivating and relatable as she talked about her own experiences in the business world. Her public speaking skills were amazing as they kept everyone engaged. Nadine was a great speaker and we would love to have her come back!

Emma Lynch


[Nadine], [c]ontinue to be so high-spirited and amazing. This wasn't just a policy committee training, but a LIFE training. THANK YOU!  Loved every moment.

Audriana Taylor



She has the ability to connect with staff, management, and families in a way where all those involved in her trainings were able to apply the material to their specific content area. All of Nadine’s trainings were interactive, educational, exciting, and pertinent to our program. Staff and parents alike responded positively to her trainings and eagerly await her return each year. 

Sonya Davis


Very interesting and she engaged with us. She was exceptional. She was very informational. She had real life examples and demonstrations there were effective in helping us learn.

Britney Smith

New Jersey


Nadine Owens Burton is an excellent trainer, well versed in adult learning styles. She brings power and personality to her training sessions, and earns the trust and involvement of participants due to her extensive knowledge of the subject and methods of teaching. She is very thorough in her research, communication, and follow-up.

Pat Rosensteel


I think that everything was perfect and there wasn't anything [Nadine] could've done for the audience to be more engaged.

JiCeya Moore-El