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What Color Is Your Imagination? is a book on creative problem-solving that was inspired by a conversation with my then four-year-old son.  His question and subsequent declaration about the color of his imagination developed into a inspirational speech for my Head Start staff.  More than a decade later, and several presentations of the theme as a workshop and keynote, the lessons are now being placed in a book!

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The WCIYI book is the first of three planned books based on the proprietary themes created and presented by the Owens Burton Consulting President.


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Myra Ingram, Executive Director, 

Region IV Head Start Association

What Color is Your Imagination? challenges the reader to view

problem solving from the lens of curiosity and not anxiety. 

If you are looking for a book to spark your imagination, this is it.  

Stephen Wunker, Author of Capturing New Markets, Jobs to be Done, and Costovation

Neither data nor inspiration are enough to create really great ideas.  You need a combination of ingredients, and the alchemy among them creates the magic.  This book describes the process in a simple, engaging, and powerful way.

Sylvia Watts McKinney, Executive Director, Summer Search Philadelphia

What Color is Your Imagination? is a perfect teachable narrative for our generation of creatives.  As you read each page, you feel the author’s infusion of new energy as she details how each color can inspire one to achieve personal and professional successes. 

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