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Book Sale




What better way to solve your challenge of coming up with a creative fundraising event for your organization than to partner with

Owens Burton Consulting (OBC) and host

a book sale event for a book about

creative problem-solving!

Promote your assigned promotional code

to your community, and when they use it to purchase 

 the What Color Is Your Imagination? book

 through the OBC online store, your organization receives a percentage of the sales for your cause!

Fundraiser Request Form
What type of organization is your non-profit?
In which type of fundraiser are you interested?
Is this a general fundraiser or for a specific project or cause?

Thank you for submitting!

Fundraiser Form

What to Expect

Choose to have a set time-frame for your fundraiser and receive $5.00 for each book purchased, payable at the end of the event.

Choose to have an open-ended fundraiser and receive $2.50 for each book sold,

payable after the end of each month.

WCIYI 3D Book.png

How It Works!

It could not be easier! 

Avoid the burden and bother of distributing products.  OBC will do all the shipping. And since Owens Burton Consulting is intimately invested in  the success of your fundraiser,  we  will work with you to ensure its success! 

Several Simple Steps

Step One
Pick From Two Fundraising Options:  (1) Set Time-frame  or  (2)On-Going.


Set Time-frame

Decide to have your book sale fundraiser last for two to four weeks. Choose the dates you wish to host the event: a start date and an end date. 



Decide to begin hosting an ongoing book sale fundraiser.  Pick a start date. 

You may cancel at any time.


Only authorized personnel/officers within the organization may request to host an event. 

Choose who will be your organization's primary contact for the fundraising event, if different from the authorized personnel or officer.

Step Two
Book Your Event with Owens Burton Consulting


Contact OBC

Complete the Fundraiser Request Form on this page to make contact with Owens Burton Consulting.  If you have questions, please contact OBC at (302) 449-2131;​ or ask your questions using Contact Form on the Contact Us page of this website.

You will be asked to provide proof of your non-profit status (e.g. 501c3) and to complete a W-9 before funds are dispersed.

Step Three
Promotional Code Assigned


OBC Assigns Code

Owens Burton Consulting will assign your organization a special promotional code to be used by your organization's supporters.  It will also be placed on all promotional materials that OBC will electronically forward to your organization's primary contact.

OBC will provide you with electronic copies of flyers and images for your use on social media and/or your website. Any materials that you utilize/create yourself must be approved by Owens Burton Consulting before their use and distribution. 

Step Four
Promote Your Event


Engage Your Community

Have fun and be as creative as possible in promoting your involvement in this fundraising program.  Utilize both in-person and social media strategies to inform and engage your community and its supporters. Encourage them to purchase a book and use your assigned promotional code so that you earn your commission for your cause.

Be sure to fully express that all books will be shipped at the end of the event period for the timed events (within 5-7 business days of end) or within the usual time parameters of the OBC store for on-going fundraising events (3-5 business days).

Step Five
Profit from Your Efforts!


Funds Dispersed

For those organizations who choose to host a timed event, a check for the funds earned from the fundraising will be mailed to the organization, care of the authorized personnel or officers within ten (10) business days from the event close date.  For those who choose an on-going fundraising event, a check will be sent by the 15th of the month for commissions earned for the month prior.  (e.g. funds earned in November will be mailed by December 15th.  

You will receive a list of all those who purchased books using your promotional code so that you can thank them for their support.

Those choosing an on-going fundraising relationship may cancel it at any time by providing Owens Burton Consulting with written notice.  Books must be purchased from the OBC online store and the promotional code used to earn  your commission; and NOT from other booksellers like Amazon, BookBaby,  or Barnes and Noble.

Books a Post Office.jfif
Books Being Mailed.jfif

More Questions?

Do you have more questions about your involvement and how this would work for you?

Check out the



Do you require an IRS form W-9?

Yes. All fundraising partners must at least show proof of non-profit status before they can begin their event and be assigned a promotional code.  You must provide a W-9 in order for your commission to be forwarded to you. 

What happens if we don't submit a W-9?

If you do not provide Owens Burton Consulting with a W-9 Form we will not be able to disperse the funds your organization earns.

May I call to change my dates of the fundraiser?

We are very flexible, but we must have any requests for changes in writing. If you find you need to extend your end date or change from a set time-frame to an on-going event, you would need to inform us in writing.

Who will receive the check?

The check for the funds raised will be sent care of the primary contact and the check will be made payable to the organization.  It will be mailed to the address indicated on the W-9 form. 

Can we create our own promotional materials?

You may create your own promotional materials. However, Owens Burton Consulting must approve all materials before they are distributed or posted through social media.

When can we expect our promotional materials?

Once you have provided your documentation to confirm your non-profit status and a promotional code has been assigned to you, you should receive your promotional materials files within 48 hours.

Can our fundraiser be cancelled?

You may cancel at any time and any funds earned up to that time will be dispersed as per the payment schedule agreement for the ending of a fundraiser.  Owens Burton Consulting may cancel if it is determined that the organization is not an eligible non-profit or the organization has failed to adhere to our agreement guidelines.

Can our fundraiser overlap with other events?

Yes.  You will not be the only organization who may be engaging in a What Color Is Your Imagination? (WCIYI) Book Sale fundraiser with Owens Burton Consulting.  We will however try to ensure that you are not competing with another organization in too close geographic proximity to your organization.  Likewise, you can engage in other fundraisers at the same time as your WCIYI Book Sale Event.

When should we expect the proceeds from our fundraiser?

Those who choose to have a limited timed book sale fundraiser will receive their commission check within ten (10) business days of the end of the event.

Those who choose to have an on-going fundraiser will receive their check(s) mailed by the 15th of each month for the funds earned in the previous month.

Can we repeat a fundraiser?

Yes. If you find you wish to repeat your fundraiser, simply alert Owens Burton Consulting. We will set up to either extend your promotional code or issue a new one.

Whom should we contact if we have questions or problems with our fundraiser?

If you have questions before, during or after your fundraiser, please feel free to contact Nadine and Owens Burton Consulting by using the contact form on this website, by email at or call us at (302) 449-2131.



Schools, Education & Youth Groups

Raise money for special events, school supplies, field trips, PTO programming, etc.


Alumni Associations, Fraternal Organizations, and Civic Groups

Raise money for scholarships, community events, non-profit local causes, etc.


Community and Faith-based Organizations

Raise money for church groups, community services, local needs and causes, etc.

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