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Owens Burton Consulting provides quality improvement and speaking services for organizations and events. Through keynotes, workshops, consultation services in both leadership and event production, Owens Burton Consulting helps groups and individuals create quality environments and successful outcomes.

Retaining quality employees and volunteers is a critical component to organizational success. Keeping employees happy goes beyond salary and includes being creative in the benefits package you provide. Likewise, providing volunteers with opportunities for their personal and professional development is an excellent way to say thank you.


Owens Burton Consulting can provide a variety of seminars that can give valuable information to your employees and volunteers, helping them make improvements in their personal and professional lives.

Keynote Speaker


Nadine Owens Burton has created several well received keynote themes. As one who has been both a hired speaker and one who hired speakers and trainers, she is keenly aware of the needs of all stakeholders at events. In addition to three great proprietary speeches, Nadine can increase your ROI by offering workshops based on her keynotes as well as other seminar offerings. 

Workshops & Seminars


Owens Burton Consulting has delivered a variety of workshops and seminars on quality improvement, leadership, customer service, strategic planning, change & stress management and more. In addition to her subject expertise, Nadine is a student of adult education best practices, incorporating story telling and game playing in a way that makes learning enjoyable as well as informative. 

Leadership Development


Being a great leader -- whether as a manager, supervisor or board member -- requires the assembly and administration of a variety of skill sets. Many new to these leadership roles can benefit from mentor-coaching consultation services.  Nadine has experience providing leadership development to students, staff and board members.  She can provide these services to individuals or groups.

Keynote Speeches
Keynote Speeches

The Power of CARE

When we care, it should show.  It should show in the CHOICES we make, the ATTITUDE we project, the RELATIONSHIPS we cultivate and the EFFORT we exert.  What do you care about?  Does it show?


This dynamic quality improvement framework can be customized for you as a keynote speech or a one, two or multi-day seminar.  The Power of CARE™ has been presented to teach Leadership, Customer Service, Change Management, Entrepreneurship, “Being a Caring Church”, Parenting, Professionalism and more.

What Color Is Your Imagination?

This theme uses the symbolism of colors to illustrate the point that true innovation takes passion and empirical thought.  It is a great keynote speech for groups seeking change and improvement. 


What Color Is Your Imagination?™ begins with color symbolism, but then delves into the various ways we can develop and increase our personal and organizational creativity, moving that much closer to creating and maintaining innovative environments.

The Promising Professional

The word promising means showing signs of future success.  It also refers to assuring someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something. The word professional comes from the Latin word professio, which means to make a public declaration with the force of a promise.


When we call ourselves professionals, no matter what the profession, we are making certain implicit and explicit promises. The Promising Professional™ examines the promises everyone should make and keep when they call themselves a professional and wish to have a promising career.

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Prom Prof

Download Flyer

Download Flyer

Download Flyer

Workshops & Seminars

A workshop would be a great addition to your staff development program. Owens Burton Consulting

has conducted workshops and seminars on the following subjects: 

  • Professionalism

  • Customer Service

  • Excelling as a Supervisor & Manager

  • Effective Communication

  • Strategic Planning

  • On-Going Monitoring

  • Change, Time & Stress Management

  • Program Governance & Board Development

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact OBC and discuss a customized workshop that meets your needs. 


Other Consulting Services 
Other Services


Nadine is available to provide mentor-coaching to individuals or groups who are new to their leadership roles. We can work together in person, through phone calls and online consultations.

Event Planning

Nadine Owens Burton is an experienced event and conference producer. She has the ability to anticipate the needs of all stakeholders, thus creating events that meet all objectives: financial and quality related.

Facilitation Services

Nadine is an experienced facilitator. Sometimes organizations can benefit from outside leadership for retreats, strategic planning events, or brainstorming sessions.   Read Nadine's blog article about what a facilitator does.

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