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Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Nadine Owens Burton

was educated in the Boston Public Schools, including the nationally

recognized Boston Latin Academy.  She left Boston for college,

attending Hampton University in Virginia.  She graduated with

honors and departmental honors with a degree in Sociology with

an emphasis in Criminology.  Upon graduation from Hampton,

Ms. Owens Burton traveled from Virginia to Delaware to attend

graduate school at the University of Delaware, where she took

classes in Sociology, Psychology and Communication. 

She began her career as an educator and advisor as an Admissions

Counselor at the University.  It was as an Admissions Counselor that

Ms. Burton got her first taste of speaking before crowds of one

thousand plus.  Ms. Owens Burton has also been a University

administrator in Student Affairs in the College of Engineering as well as a teacher of Statistics & U.S. History in the Christiana School District.

For five and a half years, Ms. Owens Burton provided leadership to a diverse staff of 125+ individuals spread across twelve locations in three counties as the Head Start Director for a multi-faceted program: Education, Family Services, Nutrition, Health & Safety, Disabilities, and Transportation.


In addition to managing a $3.5 million dollar operating budget annually, Ms. Owens Burton was involved in facilities management, fundraising and other development activities (including grant writing), developing policies and procedures, adhering to federal, state and local standards, and strategic planning.

During her tenure, Ms. Owens Burton successfully led her team through a year-long Quality Improvement Plan and was involved in sustaining those improvements and developing new goals for the continuous quality improvement of the services provided to low-income children and families. 

Having started Owens Burton Consulting in 2005, in 2007 she left the Director position to pursue a new challenge... full-time entrepreneur.  Using the skills she has gained through experience, her formal education, training in Six Sigma and other methodologies of quality improvement, Ms. Owens Burton hopes to bring her special brand of enthusiasm and inspiration to the areas of Speaking, Training and Quality Improvement Services.  

In addition to working with multiple organizations as a speaker and trainer, from 2007 to 2014, Ms. Owens Burton acted as the part-time Executive Director of the Maryland Head Start Association.  In this role, Ms. Owens Burton built the capacity of the organization, by expanding and creating several revenue streams, establishing greater brand and community awareness of the Association, producing two successful annual training conferences, and strengthening the organizational structure of the association.

Ms. Owens Burton lives in Middletown, Delaware.  She is married and has a son and a bonus daughter. 

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