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Do you have a story to tell?

A few years ago, I had a blog related to one of my themes (The Power of CARE) for which I wrote articles and posts. I also conducted a series of interviews. I really enjoyed the project and meeting people all over America and learning about their projects and discussing some of the issues I cared about too.

I abandoned that blog and haven't conducted an interview for several years. I miss it. I want to get back to interviewing people and learning about the great and positive things that are happening in our world.

And this is part of my grand plan to be more creative. I am now wishing to revisit that experience and increase its scope to include more of my themes and workshop content. I want to make it not only part of my Owens Burton Consulting Blog, but also a companion website that will share all of my creative pursuits.

If I am going to make this successful, I need interesting people with interesting stories and ideas to interview. That's where you come in.

With today's modern technology, you can be anywhere in the world. We will set up a time to "meet" online and record the interview for a later publication to my soon to be launched, companion website:

Please review the subject areas on the Podcasts page of this website and if you have a story to tell that fits within the theme, please click to the Survey Monkey and pitch your story.

We will contact you if we wish to communicate with you further and set up an interview.


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