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Invite Me To Your Book Club

Writing a book can be a very solitary event; until you get to the point when you start working with your editor. I love meeting with my editor. Our exchanges help me to take another look at my words and usually sparks my creativity. Kind of appropriate for the process of writing a book on creativity and problem-solving.

I'm really excited about one of the next phases of the book publication process: promotion and building awareness. It really gets interactive when you start to share your work with an audience and potential readers.

I'd like to start that activity NOW!

During this pre-publication period, I'd like to share what I've written, so I am inviting you to invite me to your book club.

One of the ways I advise readers to actively use the What Color Is Your Imagination? book is to discuss the concepts with others: with work teams, fellow family members, or perhaps with your book club. One of the best strategies in problem-solving and creating innovation is bringing together various voices and perspectives. I'd like to come to your book club and discuss my book, to get your perspective on the concepts presented in the book. I'd love to get your feedback.

Plus, I'd love to just have a great discussion on creativity and imagination.

The first step. . . Read the Introduction Chapter of the book on my website: If that piques your interest, then follow the link on the page to download the Preview Chapters document.

If these chapters inspire you to invite me to your book club, then, fill out this survey to invite me:

Thank you in advance and please like this post and share it with your network of friends to help me spread the word.


Nadine Owens Burton has been a teacher, a university administrator, a non-profit board member, a director of a school readiness program and is now a Mompreneur. She is the founder and president of Owens Burton Consulting, a quality improvement training and speaking services company. She is currently writing a book based on one of her quality improvement themes: What Color Is Your Imagination? to be published in 2019.

What Color Is Your Imagination? is Who Moved My Cheese? © meets The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ©. It starts with a metaphor using color symbolism to describe the types of imagination and creative environments in which problem-solving occurs, and then delves into ten ways we can improve our problem-solving skills and produce our own Purple Imagination.

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