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Goal Setting and Attainment Workshop

Today was all about goal setting and attainment with family advocate staff from the Gateway Community Action Agency.

More to the point, it was about helping family advocates help their family clients set and attain their goals.

When working with others, putting ones life into goal setting and quality improvement language is not always a natural activity. The average family doesn't talk about SMART goals and Six Sigma at the dinner table.

Therefore, those who work with families, especially low-income families, or those with limited experience in personal and professional development, must have a variety of techniques to help their clients assess their strengths, their resources, and their opportunities for improvement.

In addition to discussing several ways to help clients do personal assessments and SMART goal development, one of the best activities of the day was taking the attendees through a mind-mapping exercise.

Each group had to pick a fictional character and mind-map where their "issues" are and how they can visualize goals for improvement.

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