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I'm glad you have made your way to this page to learn more about my win-win proposal.


Please continue below for more information; and visit other sections of my website to learn more about me and my workshops. 

You've made it to this page because you have received a postcard from Owens Burton Consulting, or I've made contact with you through email or social media.  I'm glad you have made it this far.  Allow me to tell you more about me and my project.

About Me

Nadine Owens Burton

I've been presenting workshops and keynote speeches through my company,

Owens Burton Consulting since 2005. 

I'm now putting one of my presentations,

What Color Is Your Imagination? 

into a book, to be published in early 2019.

Yet, I'm starting the process of promoting and marketing the book now.  I'm looking for several events at which to promote the upcoming book. 

That's where you come in...


How It Works

I've set aside several dates on Saturdays in October through December of 2018 for four events.  I'm looking for four (4) churches to host events -- workshops or evening presentations -- on one of these four dates.

 You can choose from one of three of my proprietary themes:

What Color Is Your Imagination?

The Power of CARE

The Promising Professional

Depending on which event option you choose, you agree to have

between 100 and 300 attendees at the event.

In return, I offer you a discounted fee for services.


Since one of my primary objectives is to promote my soon to be published book, What Color Is Your Imagination?, and increase the general awareness of its publication, I'm offering these special dates at a tremendous discount to those churches or non-profits who are willing to partner with me and who themselves have a strong desire to create a successful fund-raising or friend-raising event. 

This discount will allow you a greater profit margin for your fundraising event.

I would normally charge between $5,000 to $10,000 for an event such as this.  However, to motivate organizations to partner with me, I'm offering a deep discount.  Any event would be $3,000.    


In addition, I'm offering a further discount on the fee on a sliding scale based on how quickly you sign up and solidify our partnership.  The sooner you do, the larger the discount:


The first organization receives an additional 20% discount;

the second a 15% discount; and

 the third a 10% discount. 


if you enter this agreement this fall, I will also deliver a

What Color Is Your Imagination? presentation

for your organization during my book promotional tour

in 2019 after the book is published for


That's two presentations at a discounted fee. 

I'm doing this because I believe this will be a mutually beneficial partnership.


Here are the dates from which to choose:


Saturday, October 13th

Saturday, November 10th

Saturday, November 24th

Saturday, December 15th


The sooner you pick a date and solidify our partnership -- through the signing of an MOU and payment of the deposit to reserve the date -- the more time you have to sell tickets, and the greater your chance at a larger profit.  

If you are the first to pick a date...your fee will be $2,400

If you are the second...$2,550

The third church...$2,850

and the 4th...$3,000

If you sell 200 tickets at $35 per person and make $7,000, you already have a potential profit of $4,000 and you haven't even included revenue from vendors and/or advertising in a program booklet.

If you are interested, download the MOU to get the conversation started.

Here is a description of each of the event types: workshop or "evening with".
Event Type.png
Fundraising success.png

I hope you are ready to begin this partnership. 

If you need more information...


Learn more about the three proprietary themes.  


Visit the rest of the

Owens Burton Consulting website; especially the testimonials page.



Success! Message received.

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