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Distance Learning

Learn Something New Today

Online classes are a great way to

"learn something new every day". Not only does this series of free one-hour webinars offered by Owens Burton Consulting allow you the opportunity to increase your knowledge in a variety of areas, these webinars are also a way for you to experience a little of what OBC and Nadine Owens Burton have to offer.

These webinars are abbreviated versions of some of Nadine's most popular and well received workshops. Register for and attend one or more.


We welcome your input on which webinars to present next.  Review the list of possible workshops and CONTACT US to let us know which one you'd like to experience next. 


Upcoming Webinars

Happy Couple


March, 9, 2021

Customer Service 101 -- How you delight your customers and make them loyal to your company.

Starting @

1 PM



March 19, 2021

What Color Is Your Imagination?: The Colors -- An introduction to the color symbolism of the book.

Starting @

10 AM



March 24, 2021

Recruitment and Retention in Non-Profits: Customers and Clients -- How do you attract those you wish to serve?

Starting @

12 Noon

Business & Marketing Webinars

Communication Tower

Communications Webinars

Personal Desk

Personal & Professional Development Webinars

Light Bulb

What Color Is Your Imagination Webinars

Custom Clothing Order




High Fives

Non-Profits Webinars

The Power



People During Workshop

The Promising Professional Webinars


Roster of Possible Webinars

All of these workshops have been presented in the past to OBC clients or at conferences.

Business & Marketing Webinars

  • Intro to Marketing Your Small Business

  • Marketing for Non-Profits

  • Developing SMART Goals for Your Business

  • On-Going Monitoring, Risk Management and Quality Improvement

Customer Service Webinars

  • Customer Service 101

  • Customer Service’s Role in Growing Your Business

  • The Inter-Relationship of Customer Service, Marketing and Sales.

Personal & Professional Development Webinars

  • Change, Conflict and Stress Management

  • Being an Educated Consumer

  • 7 Ways to Be a Better Job Applicant



  • Marketing for Non-Profits

  • Recruitment and Retention in Non-Profits: Customers & Clients

  • Recruitment and Retention in Non-Profits: Staff & Stakeholders

  • On-Going Monitoring for Non-Profits

  • Case Management and Goal Setting with Clients



  • He Said, She Said: Gender Differences in Intimate Relationships

  • The Role of Communication in Building Relationships

  • 5 Aspects of Effective Communication in Business

OBC Proprietary Themed Webinars

  • The Power of CARE in Improving Your Life

  • 5 Promises of The Promising Professional

  • What Color Is Your Imagination?: The Colors

  • What Color Is Your Imagination?:  Creating Your Own Purple Imagination


Don't forget to let us know which of these workshops you would like to have presented next.  The more people who express interest in a particular webinar by filling out our survey, the sooner that subject will be scheduled and presented.

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