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It's Time to

The book is done!  It is available for purchase at most online booksellers. Now it is time to celebrate!

But I don't want to celebrate alone.  I want a few fellow entrepreneurs to be a part of this event too and I hope you will come to support them and me!



Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Space is limited.

Almost Final WCIYI Book


Be a Part of the Book Launch Party


An Evening Celebrating the 

Entrepreneurial Imagination

WCIYI IMAGE (59).png

Book Launch Event

An Evening Celebrating the Entrepreneurial Imagination

This event will have components of a traditional book launch event and more. . . 

Event Details


Scheduled Date:  Saturday, October 5, 2019  

Time:   5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Tickets:  Free to Invited Guests

Attire:  Business or After 5

Estimated Audience: 250+

Audience:   Curated audience of the personal and professional networks of author; plus . . . members of various chambers of commerce, the business community, and the not-for-profit community, especially business and entrepreneurship related nonprofits.

A different kind of

book launch event

Celebrating the Entrepreneurial Imaginat
Several chapters of the What Color Is Your  Imagination? book speak to “not doing things because that’s the way we’ve always done them,” the “diversity of people, ideas and strategies when seeking solutions to challenges,” as well as “not being the smartest person in the room.”  This event seeks to turn on its head the idea that a 
AdobeStock_223118916 (1).jpeg
book launch party must be just about the book and its author.  This event shall be about bringing together a diversity of people with common as well as diverse perspectives when it comes to entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving.  This event is very much about creating a room with a great many smart and innovative people in it. It will not only benefit the vendors and sponsors but would represent a great networking opportunity for attendees.

Event Components and

Sponsorship Opportunities

The event will have components of a traditional book launch event.  The author will say a few words about the book, read a small excerpt or two, and sign copies of the book purchased at the event.  The remainder of the event will focus on the sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and attendees. 

Refreshments & Entertainment

The refreshments will consist of light fare, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres at stations and a cash bar (unless a bar sponsor can be identified).


There will be a DJ for ambient music during the first two thirds of the evening, then during the last hour, the lights will be dimmed, and the pulse of the music will move more towards a party atmosphere. 


There will be a small program beginning at 5:30 pm; consisting of the Author’s presentation and the Co-Sponsors’ remarks.  At all other times, attendees can mingle and network, while visiting the various vendors and exhibitors who will line the perimeter of the venue space.

Refreshments on Table

Vendors, Exhibitors, Swag Bag and Door Prizes


In keeping with the theme of entrepreneurship, in addition to the opportunity for the purchase of the author’s book, we will offer vendor/exhibitor table space for up to 10-15 other entrepreneurs or organizations relevant in publishing, entrepreneurship, innovation or invention.  There is also the opportunity to promote and market your business products and services through product placement in the swag bag.  There will be a vetting process for both the vendors and the swag bag participants. 


All potential participants will be reviewed for their (1) appropriateness, (2) lack of conflict/competition* with other approved participants, and (3) the utilitarian and aesthetic benefits of their proposed PRODUCTS FOR SALE or SWAG BAG insert.  For example, we would not accept vendors or product placement from firearms or tobacco related products and all swag bag inserts must be usable and not just advertising, coupons are acceptable, but not flyers only.  Swag Bag participants must provide at least 200 items in addition to the fee.


Proposed participants must apply by completing the online survey.  Once a vendor or swag bag participant has been accepted, they will be invoiced and must pay the invoice within two (2) business days, or Owens Burton Consulting will proceed to the next eligible vendor.  


*We have already identified vendors of jewelry, hair care products and child related crafts for inclusion.


Vendors and Exhibitors                     $150 per table (discount for non-profits)

Vendors will have the benefit of presenting their products and services to a receptive audience and can sell products to participants who have attended with a mind to supporting small businesses and engaging in professional networking.  Each vendor/exhibitor will be provided with one rectangular banquet table and two chairs.  Vendors must provide their own table cloth, drape or other table dressing.  Vendors may also participate in the Swag Bag.  These items do not have to meet the same utilitarian use requirements as swag bag only participants.  Their inserts may be solely advertising. 


To work in partnership with the vendors to promote them and increase attendee engagement, we will have a Vendor Raffle contest to encourage attendees to visit each vendor table.  After doing so, participants' raffle cards will be placed in a drawing for door prizes, provided by Owens Burton Consulting and the various vendors and sponsors.


To apply to be a Vendor of Exhibitor, complete this online form.

Swag Bag                                        $50 plus the supply of the inserts

The Swag Bags will be given away to the first two hundred (200) attendees to arrive at the event.  As stated above, all swag bag inserts must be usable and not just advertising (unless you are a vendor/exhibitor), coupons are acceptable, but not flyers only.  All Swag Bag participants are vetted with the same three criteria as the vendors.  To be considered, please complete the online questionnaire.  If selected, you will be invoiced for the fee and must pay the invoice within two (2) business days or Owens Burton Consulting will proceed to the next eligible advertiser.  Selected swag bag advertisers must provided the two hundred (200) products/promotional items to Owens Burton Consulting by September 27, 2019 to ensure inclusion in the swag bags.

To apply to be a Swag Bag participant, complete this online form.

There is also a Swag Bag Sponsorship opportunity available.  See below.

Door Prizes                                      The cost of the item.

Each sponsor and vendor/exhibitor will be given an opportunity to give away a door prize.  When announcing the prize and choosing the recipient, the sponsor of the door prize would be able to take the "stage"; thus, another opportunity for visibility and speaking to the attendees.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several sponsorship opportunities attached to this event. 

Contact Owens Burton Consulting directly to discuss them.

Presenting Sponsor:  $1,000

The Presenting Sponsor will agree to act as another “host” of the event with the

Author and Owens Burton Consulting.

Benefits of Presenting Sponsorship: Negotiable 

Possible benefits include:

  • Special reserved sponsor tables,

  • Vendor/exhibitor table(s),

  • Co-branding in event marketing and press releases,

  • Additional speaking event participation by the Author

  • Opportunity for representative to address attendees and make remarks.

The Co-Presenting Sponsors’ logos would be placed, with the book logo, on the step and repeat at the entrance of the event, thus most attendees would see and take pictures in front of your logo.  (The book cover image will be the larger center image.)


Swag Bag Sponsorship:  $400

The logo of the Swag Bag Sponsor will be placed on one side of all of the Swag Bags.  One side will be the logo of the book, the other your logo.  The first two hundred (200) attendees will receive a swag bag.  The Sponsor may also place an item in the bags and may participate in the door prize give-away.  Sponsor must provide an imprint ready image.  Deadline for Swag Bag Sponsorship is September 16, 2019.

Refreshments Sponsorship:  $600

The logo of the sponsor will be placed on coasters at the bar and signage on the refreshments table.  The Refreshments Sponsor may also place literature in the Swag Bags that will be handed out to the first two hundred (200) attendees who arrive at the event.  Sponsor must provide an imprint ready image.  Deadline for Refreshments Sponsorship is September 16, 2019.

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