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Special Offer for College Campuses

I have a proposal for you. I think we can create a win-win arrangement where we both get what we need.

I will provide my services for free in exchange for your helping me record footage of the event for my use in a series of promotional videos.

Your Needs

Whether in Student Activities, Student Affairs or Career Services, as a higher education community professional, you are tasked with providing out-of-classroom experiences that prepare students for the future and complement the learning and skills development taking place in your college courses.

In addition to entertainment and cultural events like art shows, concerts, socials and comedians, your calendar of campus events includes speakers and workshops that provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in decision-making, time management, professionalism, problem-solving and communication. I believe I can provide presentations that meet your need to offer your students personal and professional development opportunities outside of the classroom.

I have been in your shoes 


Prior to becoming a provider of workshops and speaking services through my company, I was a university professional in student affairs who needed to identify personal & professional development opportunities for the students I served. As a director in a non-profit, I developed and implemented training & technical assistance programming for staff and stakeholders. And in my capacity as a consultant, I have produced conferences and training events for clients.  I have not only provided speaking services, I have identified and hired those who provide the services. I know what is involved in providing quality programming that informs as well as entertains.

My Needs


I have been in business since 2005, and have recorded my presentations and workshops on several occasions. In recent years, I have focused more on providing my clients with quality speaking and training services and have not recorded many of my proprietary workshops and speeches. However, I am in need of a new series of promotional videos to market my business.


Creating promotional videos takes time. You have to have a diversity of footage to truly showcase your services, especially if, like me, you have more than one signature product. Likewise, when you provide those services at a variety of locations in various states, coordinating the logistics of attendees, venues, releases and videography professionals can be daunting. I am looking to be effective and efficient in attaining my goal of acquiring new footage of my presentations.


Over the next three months, I'd like to record all of my most popular offerings. To get it done quickly and to ensure I get the footage I need. I am willing to provide my services for the cost of your on-campus video/media services department recording my session and providing me with a copy of the footage. 

How It Works

It is really quite simple:


Owens Burton Consulting will provide a free workshop or speaking event for your students and campus community, in return, you agree to provide me with a recording of the event. 

I need recordings of all of my proprietary themes and I need a diversity of audiences and venues for my promotional videos. Therefore, I will coordinate with the potential colleges to pick events that fill all of my categories: (1) theme, (2) audience size, (3) event type.


I have three proprietary themes that I wish to highlight: (1) The Power of CARE, (2) What Color Is Your Imagination? and (3) The Promising Professional. I want to have two or three recordings of each theme. 

Audience Size

My speaking experience has included small groups and large audiences.  I need to showcase the diversity of audience sizes I have and can engage.

Event Type

My themes can be presented as keynote speeches or as interactive workshops (half or full day).  I need to showcase my presentations in small seminar rooms, lecture halls, and large auditoriums. 

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To continue the conversation, please click this button to complete the request for services form.  This helps us begin the conversation and helps me to plan my schedule of events for the next three months.

Event Suggestions

Perhaps you already have an event in mind.  Perhaps you need suggestions...

A Leadership Retreat

A half day-long seminar for campus Student Leaders and those seeking to increase their leadership skills

The Power of CARE has been used to teach everything from change management and customer service to parenting and being a "caring" church.  It is an excellent framework for helping current and future leaders identify their current strengths and where they have room for improvement. 

Entreprenuership Talk

A mid-day or evening talk for the Entrepreneurship Club or those thinking of starting a business

Either The Power of CARE or What Color Is Your Imagination? would make a great presentation for an audience of budding entrepreneurs.  The former makes the audience think of the practical tasks necessary for success in any business; while the latter focuses on the creativity and innovation that is necessary in the development of products and services that people want, and will continue to want.

Professionalism Workshop

Whether as an intern or a permanent employee, there are certain behaviors that are expected from professionals

Students learn a great deal about the theories and empirical thought that is involved in their chosen profession.  Yet, much of their future success is also dependent on the "soft skills" that help them make a good first impression, work well with others, and navigate the politics of any profession.  The Promising Professional or the The Power of CARE in Professionalism, are two great workshops that reinforce the skills every professional must master.

An Evening With...

An inspirational talk open to the entire campus and surrounding community

All three of the my themes: The Power of CARE, The Promising Professional, and What Color Is Your Imagination? would make excellent presentations to provide empowering content to supplement the skills students are receiving in their courses.  In addition, it adds to the personal and professional development for campus staff and community members as well.  

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There are many more options.

Let's get started with a conversation about what works for you

and your students. 

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