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Employee Recognition

“It’s as much art as science, and the best recognition tactics do something no tchotchke or gift card ever can – they make employees feel valued, respected, and even loved.”

Source:  39 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2019

Make What Color Is Your Imagination? a part of your Employee and Volunteer Recognition Programming

What Do

Employees Want?

1. Trust—Don’t let me down. 

2. Enrichment—Enhance daily life. 

3. Responsibility—Behave fairly. 

4. Community—Connect me. 

5. Contribution—Make me bigger than I am. 

"The acid test of a satisfying employee-employer relationship is rooted in a set of specific behaviors along the “me-to-we continuum.” The best employers help us each achieve our personal “me” goals and dreams on the one hand, while simultaneously collaborating with us to solve more generalized “we” worries about the economy, the environment, the world on the other hand. And, in between the “me” and “we” extremes, there are a variety of ways that employers can enrich the lives of employees and communities alike."

Source: The Intangible Things Employees Want from Employers, by Anne Bahr Thompson | Harvard Business Review, December 3, 2015

Why Make a Bulk Purchase?

Recognition programming within an organization is about creating a sense of community and showing that you appreciate your employees and volunteers.  Providing your team with information and inspiration while publicly honoring them in print, would make an innovative way to show your appreciation.

As part of the pre-sale campaign for the launch of the book -- What Color Is Your Imagination? -- purchasers will have their name printed in the foreword.  The name can be that of the purchaser or someone they wish to honor.  Owens Burton Consulting is offering a special package for organizations who make a bulk purchase of 100 or more books.  In addition to the usual name(s) printed in the book, organizations can create a unique employee and volunteer recognition project. 

How it works

  • Purchase at least 100 books; one for each employee and/or volunteer you wish to honor.

  • Provide OBC with the names of the employees and/or volunteers (one book = one name) you wish to honor and their names will be printed in the foreword of the book, to be published May of 2019.

  • When the book arrives, use it as a recognition gift to those employees/volunteers.

BONUS:  Organizations who purchase at least 100 books will also receive a complimentary workshop or keynote from Nadine Owens Burton and Owens Burton Consulting; another way to inspire your team, enrich their lives, and say thank you.

What Do Employees Want

1.         Employees want purpose.

2.         Employees want goals.

3.         Employees want responsibilities.

4.         Employees want autonomy.

5.         Employees want flexibility.

6.         Employees want attention.

7.         Employees want opportunities for innovation.

8.         Employees want open-mindedness.

9.         Employees want transparency.

10.       Employees want compensation.


SOURCE: 10 Things Employees Want Most,

By Issie Lapowsky | Inc. Magazine

The Book

What Color Is Your Imagination? is Who Moved My Cheese? © meets The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ©.

It starts with a metaphor using color symbolism to describe the types of imagination and creative environments in which problem-solving occurs, and then delves into ten ways we can improve our problem-solving skills and produce our own Purple Imagination where innovation and invention occur.

Employees want opportunities to problem solve and to innovate.  What Color Is Your Imagination? gives them the information and the inspiration to do just that.

Visit the WCIYI Introduction page to read an excerpt and download preview chapters.

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