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Thank you for making your way to the Owens Burton Consulting website.  I hope this means you are ready to discuss how I can assist you with your training needs. 


Allow me to inform you of my various pre-service and other workshop options.

Program Governance

Training for Head Start Staff, Policy Groups and Board Members

The content of my Program Governance training is very flexible based on your needs and time constraints. I have presented this training as a two-hour presentation at Policy Council or Board meeting nights, as a half or full day workshop, and as a two-day Program Governance Retreat. 


The complete Program Governance Retreat may include:


  • Roles According to the new Head Start Performance Standards

  • Allowable, Unallowable and It Depends --  Spending Federal Funds & Fiscal Oversight

  • Building Relationships in the Community through Communication

  • Effective & Efficient - Running a Productive Meeting

  • The Power of CARE in Head Start Leadership

Refreshing hearing a presenter that explains the topics in detail, with examples and some personal experience. I love her slogan... "Questions, concerns...comments!"

Dawn Dudley Hammonton

New Jersey

"Ready-to-Go" or Customized

Visit the Services section of this website for a list of various workshops available. However, bear in mind that I can customize a workshop to meet your specific needs.

Custom Workshops

Workshops to meet your specific needs

While I have a variety of workshops I have created and presented multiple times over the years, I have also customized workshops for clients.

Case Study: PFCE & PIR Workshop

A Head Start Program in Maryland wanted a workshop for their Family Services Staff covering the PIR and the PFCE Framework. The workshop I created led the team through a review and overview of the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework. Likewise, we reviewed the PIR questions pertaining to Family and Community Partnerships (then Section C35-C58) and further analyzed the strategies and purposes behind the questions, including definitions, referrals, service provision and brainstorming for ideas for in-house programming and improvement.

Case Study: Goal Setting Workshop

A Head Start Program in New Jersey wanted a workshop on goal setting with parents for its Family Services Staff. The workshop I created took the team through the tenets of SMART Goal Development. It also focused on the tasks of Case Management and Building Relationships with Parents, critical components of successful family advocacy and efficacy building. The workshop incorporated interactive exercises and review of best practices to help build staff members’ confidence and skills sets in these areas. 

Proprietary Workshops and Keynotes

I have created three proprietary themes that would be a great addition to your All-Staff or Pre-Service line-up.  Contact me to discuss which one(s) fit your needs.

What Color Is Your Imagination?

A great addition to your slate of workshops at a training conference or All-Staff keynote -- this workshop sparks creativity and the development of new ideas and innovative thinking. 

The Power of CARE

This framework can be taught as part of Program Governance training or as a stand alone for leadership development, SMART Goal and other training objectives.

The Promising Professional

No matter one's position within the organization, being a professional should be an ever present goal. This is a great inspirational workshop or keynote for every member of the team.

Partnership & Collaboration

There are a variety of ways you can make a training event more cost effective 


I'm always looking for innovative and collaborative ways to reach my audiences. One of these is through partnerships with clients to host a training event.


By providing a location for a training for your own parents and staff and allowing me to invite parents and staff from other programs to join the education event, you as the host not only receive a significant discount, you and your team benefit from networking and brainstorming with other Head Start leaders and professionals without having to leave your own location. 


It's like going to a regional or state conference without the expense of travel.

Contact me about the benefits and options for hosting a training event.

Start the Conversation

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