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As a lead up to the launch of The Power of CARE Project, I'm offering 100 free Power of CARE webinars.

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The Power of CARE: Examining the choices, attitudes, relationships and effort in personal and professional development.

When we care, it should show.  It should show in the CHOICES we make, the ATTITUDE we project, the RELATIONSHIPS we cultivate and the EFFORT we exert.  What do you care about?  Does it show?


A dynamic quality improvement framework, The Power of CARE™ has been presented to teach Leadership, Customer Service, Change Management, Entrepreneurship, “Being a Caring Church”, Parenting, Professionalism and more.

The Power of CARE Project includes the publication of a book, a YouTube channel show and more.  As a lead up to The Project that will include two years of  project activities, Nadine Owens Burton will offer 100 free Power of CARE webinars for the communities of 100 non-profit organizations. 

Do you want your organization to be one of the hundred?  Make a request for a free webinar for your clients, members, staff, and/or stakeholders.
Eligible Organizations:
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The Power of CARE uses concepts and theories of Communication, Psychology and other social sciences, as well as those from Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methodologies and theories to help individuals and groups assess various facets of continuous improvement and operations.  This 2-Hour Webinar will give an introductory level exposure to the concepts for attendees.  Those who attend will be offered an option to obtain a more advanced course offering and first notice of the book launch and other components of the Project. 

About The Power of CARE

The Power of CARE™ is a dynamic quality improvement framework that Nadine Owens Burton created and has presented as a keynote speech and through workshops and seminars for more than a decade.

It is Seven Habits of Highly Effective People© meets Chicken Soup for the Soul.©  Over the years, The Power of CARE™ has been presented to teach Leadership, Customer Service, Change Management, Entrepreneurship, “Being a Caring Church”, Parenting, Professionalism and more.

The Power of CARE™ theme is divided into four parts. Here is a brief outline of some of the concepts and ideas of the theme:


  • There is a universal experience:  We all say we care about our family.

  • We make a million choices in our lifetime. One of the most important choices we make is the choice to improve.

  • We must make the choice to be in either “Gripe Mode” or “Goal Mode”. 

  • Once we make the choice to be in Goal Mode, it changes the other three behaviors.We change our attitudes, our relationships, and our efforts.



  • Our attitude is made up of three parts:  our thoughts, what we understand; our emotions, what we feel; and our behaviors, what we do.  In other words: Our Head, Our Heart, and Our Hands.

  • When it comes to improvement and change, change agents can legislate behavior, but one cannot make rules for what people think or feel.  Yet, when seeking to change behaviors, you must touch people’s hearts and improve what they know.

  • We must cultivate our Why Attitude™ when seeking improvement.

  • There is power in being curious rather than angry.


  • We must create and cultivate our tribe of mentors, apprentices, and peers.

  • We build relationships through effective communication.

  • As Dale Carnegie asserted, we establish and strengthen relationships better by being interested more than trying to be interesting.

  • When it comes to building relationships with your stakeholders, it is not enough to meet expectations, you must anticipate their needs and expectations to delight them.


  • It’s not just about the amount of effort, but the “right” effort.

  • Effort involves and is impacted by The Three Mos™:  Motivation, Mobility, and Momentum.

  • We all make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is often doing nothing at all.

  • As purported by W. Edwards Deming, “People arrive motivated. What we have to do is figure out what demotivates them and stop doing that.”    



choose from these subjects:


The Power of CARE has been used to teach a variety of continuous improvement subjects over the years.  For this special offer the eligible organizations may choose from the following subjects for their free webinar.

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership & Professionalism

  • Non-Profit Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • General Presentation

Ready to request your free webinar?

Praise for Nadine and
The Power of CARE

"Nadine came and spoke to the Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Delaware. She spoke about The Power of CARE which involves choices, attitude, relationships and effort when starting a business. Her speech was extremely motivating and relatable as she talked about her own experiences in the business world. Her public speaking skills were amazing as they kept everyone engaged. Nadine was a great speaker and we would love to have her come back!"  -- E. Lynch



"Nadine was an excellent speaker at our event at the University of Delaware. Her ability to be extremely engaging with the students was very exciting and efficient. Additionally, she did a great job in conveying her concept behind implementing care when starting a business and why it is so important. I was able to learn a lot from her and truly enjoyed her presentation."  -- P. Ivanova

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