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With a number like 2020, it is not too difficult to think of the coming year in “visionary” terms and plan for strategies to meet and exceed your organizational goals. 

Owens Burton Consulting would like to offer five organizations a way to add to their vision of even better-informed clients, staff and stakeholders through the delivery of quality professional and personal development webinars.

For 2020, I am launching the

2020 Vision Webinar Series Program

Do you want to be one of the five?

Bring training to your organization at times that are convenient to your community

This webinar program will offer distance learning opportunities

for your organization’s stakeholders.  Specifically, if you enroll,

your organization will receive twenty-four (24) webinar workshops

delivered two (2) per month over the course of twelve (12) months. 


The 24 webinars are broken down into three workshop categories:

     (1) OBC Proprietary Workshops

     (2) Subject/Content Specific Workshops 

     (3) Customized Workshops

OBC Proprietary Workshops -- 12 workshops  The three proprietary workshops offered by Owens Burton Consulting (The Power of CARE™, What Color Is Your Imagination?©, and The Promising Professional™) will each be presented four times over the course of the year.  While each provide a solid foundation and framework for general quality improvement education, they can also be adjusted and modified for a particular audience or subject matter.  For example, one month you may have The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship, while another month you can choose The Power of CARE in Customer Service, and a third presentation might be The Power of CARE in Parenting.  

Subject Specific Workshops -- 10 workshops  You may pick from the large slate of content specific workshops Nadine Owens Burton has presented in the past.  These topics and titles include workshops related to: 

  • Leadership 

  • Marketing 

  • Communication

  • Personal Development 

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Non-Profits 

Customized Workshops -- 2 workshops  Finally, you will have the option of having Owens Burton Consulting create two (2) customized workshops based on your special training needs.


This Webinar Program Is Limited To Just Five (5) Organizations.

While webinars represent a convenient and efficient opportunity for continuous learning and development for your clients, staff and stakeholders, as well as a way to make personal and professional development available to a larger audience, this webinar program is limited to just five participating organizations.

Contact OBC if you want to know more about this opportunity and how it can help you meet and exceed your training goals for the year.

If you are ready to be one of the five...





Subscribe Today!

The total fee for this program is $6,000, spread out over six payments of $1,000 each.  This represents only $250 per webinar; considerably less than the $800 to $2,000 it would cost for an onsite training of the same content and duration (e.g. 1-3 hours) delivered by Owens Burton Consulting.


Participating organizations will be electronically billed on the first business day of the six (6) billing months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) in the program year. 

Are you ready to subscribe? 

Added Benefits

Webinar Program Subscribers Save More

Organizations who enroll in this webinar series program will receive an automatic 10% discount on any on-site Owens Burton Consulting services (excluding travel costs) or distant coaching/consulting services.


Plus, you will receive special discount codes to save on bulk purchases of books by Nadine Owens Burton, purchased from the publisher BookBaby.

Scroll down to learn how to

save even more...

Pre-Pay & Save


If you know your organization will have a need for on-site services in 2020 -- for example, a workshop or keynote for an event or conference -- consider pre-paying for the webinar series. 


Those programs who pre-pay will receive an automatic 20% discount on the subscription fee. That would bring the total cost for 24 webinars over the course of one year to $5,000 . . . just a little over $200 per webinar.


PLUS, you will receive an additional 20% discount on any on-site services (excluding travel costs) as well as an even larger discount on bulk book purchases.

To pre-purchase for the year and save 20% all year, click the purchase button and at

the "Select an option" draw down box, pick the "Pre-Pay for the Year" option.

Get  inTouch

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If you would like more information on this program, use the above form or, feel free to drop me an email or give me a call. 





If you are ready to commit:

Click this way to the Owens Burton Consulting Square store.

Nadine Owens Burton

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