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A few years ago, I had a blog related to one of my themes (The Power of CARE) for which I wrote articles and posts.  I also conducted a series of interviews. I abandoned that blog and haven't conducted an interview for several years.  I am now wishing to revisit that experience and increase its scope to include more of my themes and workshop content. 

If I am going to make this successful, I need interesting people with interesting stories and ideas to interview. That's where you come in.


With today's modern technology, you can be anywhere in the world.  We will set up a time to "meet" online and record the interview for a later publication to my soon to be launched, companion website: 


Please review the subject areas below and if you have a story to tell that fits within the theme, please click to the Survey Monkey and pitch your story.

We will contact you if we wish to communicate with you further and set up an interview.

Interview Segments

Below are the different segments that will be presented in the interview series.  Click on the unique link for each of the themes to make your way to the form to pitch your interview idea.  You can pitch to more that one theme or pitch several ideas to the same theme.  If we think the idea fits a theme other than the one to which you pitched, we will let you know.

When it comes to being a professional, no matter the profession, you must make and keep a variety of promises to ensure you will have a promising career.

Do you have a story to tell about a great (or not so great) encounter with someone who taught you what it means to be a professional?  What are the promises you have made and kept in your profession?  Do you teach professionalism or leadership, formally, or as a mentor?  What was the best lesson on professionalism you learned from a mentor?

Click here to pitch us your story that would make a great interview about professionalism.

Marketing for non-profits is not just about getting people to contribute to your cause.  There are several "markets" besides donors to whom they must tell their  story.  There are a great many strategies and variables to consider.

Do you have advice for non-profits or success stories from which others can learn?  I'd love to interview those in the non-profit community who have great stories to tell about creating and building relationships.

Click here to pitch us your story that would make a great interview marketing for non-profits.

Problem solving and future success relies very much on having a creative vision, having a vivid imagination.  The idea of Purple Imagination -- a key concept of the theme -- is about combining passion and empiricism.  By joining these two together, you are more apt to create innovative change.

We would love to help you tell your story of innovation and creativity.  This podcast theme with begin with the question "What is the most creative thing you have ever done.  Imagination is not limited only to business, therefore, we want stories that fall in all areas of one's life.  

Click here to pitch us your story of imagination and creativity that would make for a great interview.

When we care, it should show.  It should show in the CHOICES we make, the ATTITUDE we project, the RELATIONSHIPS we cultivate and the EFFORT we exert.  What do you care about?  Does it show?

I'm looking for people to interview who really care about something with a passion and that shows.  This interview is very much about answering the question: What do you care about?

Click here to pitch us your story of caring and improvement that would make for a great interview.

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