The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship: Examining the choices, attitudes, relationships and effort in starting and growing a business.

The Power of CARE Workshop has been used to examine continuous improvement in a variety of categories and subjects.  In this case, we shall use the framework of The Power of CARE to examine the role of the entrepreneur or business leader. Participants examine how the framework applies to their day-to-day operations as well as the development of new ideas for business improvement.


The Power of CARE uses concepts and theories of Communication, Psychology and other social sciences, as well as those from Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methodologies and theories to help individuals and groups assess various facets of entrepreneurial life and operations.  This 1-Hour Webinar will give an introductory level exposure to the concepts for attendees.  Those who attend will be offered an option to obtain a more advanced course offering and a significant discount. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more details on this special offer.


During this webinar we will discuss :



  • You made the choice to start a business, now what?

  • Knowing your data: if you can't count it, you can't improve it

  • The basic steps of goal setting and performance improvement.                  

  • The importance of being in Goal Mode not Gripe Mode as a business leader




  • The importance of continuous learning and gaining understanding of one’s employees, one’s market/customers and one’s competition. 

  • The power of supplementing one’s aptitude with a positive attitude.

  • The three components of your customers' attitude about you and you company: what they think about you, what they feel about you, and how they interact with you.




  • How to build relationships and the importance of teamwork.        

  • Who needs to be a part of your "Success Team".                                    

  • The importance of knowing the different types and categories of customers and employees you have and how to best build relationships with each of them.




  • Examining the three “Mos” of Effort: Motivation, Momentum, and Mobility.  For example, how to evaluate your internal motivation and recognizing motivation deficits in others. 

  • How to develop that next step, the key to continuous quality improvement.

Praise for Nadine and

The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship

"Nadine came and spoke to the Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Delaware. She spoke about The Power of CARE which involves choices, attitude, relationships and effort when starting a business. Her speech was extremely motivating and relatable as she talked about her own experiences in the business world. Her public speaking skills were amazing as they kept everyone engaged. Nadine was a great speaker and we would love to have her come back!"  -- E. Lynch



"Nadine was an excellent speaker at our event at the University of Delaware. Her ability to be extremely engaging with the students was very exciting and efficient. Additionally, she did a great job in conveying her concept behind implementing care when starting a business and why it is so important. I was able to learn a lot from her and truly enjoyed her presentation."  -- P. Ivanova

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This is Nadine. I think once you experience The Power of CARE, you will want even more of it.  Therefore, I've set up this specially discounted webinar as an opportunity for you to experience just a little of The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship before you make a larger investment of your time and financial resources. 


After you attend this 1-hour online workshop, if you feel you want to go even deeper with The Power of CARE, I will make you a special offer.  You will be among a select few who will be given advanced access to the registration of a Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship Short Course.

Register and attend one of these three introductory webinars and not only will you receive a 50% discount to a limited attendance Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship Short Course, this course also includes (1) one hour of one-on-one coaching for each student.

Limited to only 25 students, this course gives you six hours of class time, allowing you more time to ask questions and interact with your fellow entrepreneurs.  Split over four sessions, each 90-minute session of the course will take a more in-depth look at each of the four components of The Power of CARE: Choices, Attitude, Relationships, and Effort.  Plus, after the course is over, each participant can schedule a one-on-one session to talk about their specific business goals.


So, if you care about starting or growing your business...Register Today!

More information will be given at the end of the introductory webinar and in follow-up email communication to all who attend one of these introductory webinars